Welcome to Infants to Athletes Massage Therapy.  We are a treatment based Massage Therapy practice. Our goal is to work with you to facilitate a complete recovery from your injury concern(s) through safe and effective treatment plans utilizing various techniques, rehabilitative exercise programming and open communication with other medical professionals that you are currently working with.

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What do We treat?

Athletic/Sport Injuries

With a strong background in kinesiology, Infants to Athletes can help you recover from various types of injury resulting from sport. Muscle strain or ligament sprain, tendonitis or bursitis, Infants to Athletes can help you recover from various sport related injuries.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

MVAs are a common occurrence. Infants to Athletes can treat your injuries sustained in a MVA and work with your insurer, physician, physiotherapist, and other health care providers to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care. This entails maintaining constant communication with these professionals to make sure our treatment is focused and in-line with your goals.

Pregnancy and Newborn

Pre-natal massage experienced by the mother can create a more comfortable pregnancy as issues with postural change, mood, and overall health can be addressed. This has a direct impact on the birthing process as a relaxed mother with very little discomfort going into child birth is more likely to succeed at providing a positive birthing experience for her and her baby.

Post-natal massage is just as important to help facilitate the recovery process of labor and birthing.

Newborn massage is ideal and highly recommended for parents to bond with their child. A great addition to any baby routine, day or night, Infants to Athletes will instruct the parents how to do a complete massage on their newborn child. I can also help treat latching difficulties, sleep difficulties as well as digestive concerns.

Newborn Birth Trauma

The birthing process can be a very traumatic event for newborns. From C-sections to forceps and vacuuming, these types of births can create strain patterns that can result in constant headache or body ache pains and discomfort.

Pediatric Injuries

As resilient as children can be, their busy lives put a lot of stress on their physical capabilities as well as their mental capacities. From sports injuries to the stress of just being a kid, Infants to Athletes can help with varying issues that today’s children deal with.

Tension and Relaxation

Whether you have had a hard day at work, or just need some time to unwind, we can help work out the tension and let you relax and recover from the daily grind.

Neurological Pain

Carpal tunnel, sciatica, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome; we can help you with different types of pain referral and discomfort.